Precise contacting in even the smallest grid

Rigid pin fixture is composed of a test fixture with spring loaded test probes, which are arranged in a standard grid and deflected at a defined angle by an interchangeable rigid pin unit mounted with rigid pins. Using specialized software, the deflection of the rigid pins are determined according to the test requirement. The calculations are done by INGUN.

For the contacting of pads, vias and pins, rigid pins with 01 tips style (30° tip angle), 06 (riffle) 07 (pyramid) and 14 (4-point crown) are available. Rigid pin contacting is suitable for all test fixtures.


  • Contacting with hit range Ø 0.30 mm*
  • Minimum test point diameter: ≥ 0.40 mm*
  • Smallest grid size: 0.50 mm
  • Contacting on pads, vias, pins
  • Easy exchange of rigid pins, without any tools




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