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Pulse now offers cost effective solutions for metal wafer rings and wafer ring cassettes.

We also have a new line of cost effective tweezers .

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Hands Free Wafer, Die and Device Processing

H-SQUARE INC and PULSE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY INC. - Offer companies that handle Wafer, Die, and Device complete HANDS FREE processing solutions.

Now more companies are required to reduce or eliminate direct handling of wafer, die, and devices during the manufacturing process
in order to increase yields by reducing defects .

We can help your company convert to Hands Free processing by doing a process audit on your production and test lines. After the audit we would submit a report on our recommendations on how to achieve and implement a Hands Free Process that would reduce the risk of product defects. In addition to the recommendations we offer in house training for your staff to make sure that the new process is implemented.

Please contact our technical engineers to arrange a free analysis of your process. We will then develop a proposal on how you can reduce
Reduce or Eliminate Die Cracking or Chipping during the Shipping Process.

One of the major causes of Die cracking or chipping during the shipping process is the tolerance of the pockets of standard Waffle Pak trays. The die can be damaged as they hit the sides of the walls during transport. Another process where the die can be damaged is in the insertion and removal process. Gel-Pak offers a solution that can save thousands of dollars (or Peso's) in defects caused by die defects induced during the shipping and processing stages.

Please contact our technical engineers on how our VR trays can save you cost and protect your relationships with those you are shipping die to!

Articles soon to be Posted:

1) Cleaning of and Handling of Gel-Pak trays

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